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Girls, What Are We Playing?

By orcaflotta Kinda interesting statistics about women in gaming, what and why we play certain games and others not. […]

Fizz races at LSYC

I’ve decided to pick up hosting races again. For the Lost Sea Yachtclub this time, located in the Sea of […]

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You Can’t Make It Up

By orcaflotta Dunno if you’ve ever heard the German term “Realsatire”, it describes a real life situation that is so […]

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Manjaro Budgie

By orcaflotta Next up in my little series about all the different Manjaro flavours is Budgie, a kinda new desktop […]

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Now Let’s Sort That Out

By orcaflotta … once and for all! I mean after 104 years it’s time for a sober analysis, no? Well, […]

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Sick and Tired

By orcaflotta Orca loves Linux Naaaw, not really. Just not in the mood, not feeling like logging in world right […]

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Good News

By orcaflotta Dell, who’d have thunked about them taking a leading role as premade Linux hardware supplier? And they […]

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Manjaro Cinnamon

By orcaflotta So much Manjaros, so many wow! My fave, MATE, is behind Budgie, Cinnamon, Deepin, Gnome and the i3 […]

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Ouch Fuck!!! :o

By orcaflotta Let’s hope the organizers of Trump’s SLinauguration party meant that to be a satirical event. If not […]

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So It Begins

By orcaflotta Finally an active president who does something. Read More Source:: ORCA       

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The Standard Manjaro

By orcaflotta Hohoho! Ok, I don’t need to tell you how much I love, not like but LOVE, Manjaro Linux, […]

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“The Best Show of the Year”

By orcaflotta … is starting soon! Just another reminder from Orca’s public service bloggy. Read More Source:: ORCA