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Little Gaga is Great!

By orcaflotta Gaga, the tiny Lenovo M73 system is just the perfect summer computer. Don’t ask me why, it just […]

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Drought! :(

By orcaflotta Hard to believe that behind our bedroom window once everything was a fresh green. Mr. Trump, are you […]

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Orca’s a Fukn Sellout

By orcaflotta Me, a commercial sellout, abusing the (hopefully) good relationship with my readers, mistreating the atmosphere of trust we […]

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If You Followed

By orcaflotta … Orca’s recommendations – and honestly, why wouldn’t you? – you have already or are about to install […]

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African Internet

By orcaflotta Is like when it works it works like so … But when it doesn’t work, it really doesn’t […]

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I Stole This YouTube Comment…

By orcaflotta … because it reflects perfectly my own opinion and stance on the old Dumbed Down by Technology discussion: […]

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Orca @ the Shitty M00vies

By orcaflotta If there is something that makes me more angry than really crappy flicks it’s movies with all the […]

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Oh Shit :(

By orcaflotta That’s so typical girl avies, right? First making the big hullabaloo about everybody must attend the great Jere […]

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Ezee Linux is a Clever Website

By orcaflotta Joe Collins is probably the nicest of all Linux YouTubers. Particularly since he spends most of his time […]

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Quo Vadis Munich?

By orcaflotta I don’t like Steven J. Vaughan Nichols, as mentioned before, but this article sees him back on […]

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Not Bashing on America

By orcaflotta No, really not. Not when it’s about Linux stuff since many very nice Linux distros were and are […]

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World Sailing Show

By orcaflotta … in March will feature some cool stuff. Or shall we rather say cold, like in chilly ice […]