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RL trash.

By zzpearlbottom When i started this blog my goal was to show the good SL can be. That mean linking […]

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A Cute Freebie Car

By orcaflotta This freebie gem would’ve totally escaped my attention hadn’t I read about it in Natascha’s blog. So let […]

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A Camping Trip

By orcaflotta You might imagine my surprise when today I recieved an email from SL’s Marketplace. Whoa, I hadn’t ordered […]

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The Lowest on the chain.

By orcaflotta The usualy sexy and fair ZZ in an angry rant. Angry, disgusted and raw. Which obviously worked wonders […]

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The Lowest on the chain.

By zzpearlbottom Are the politicians that rule today. Unfit from birth to do any but cling and climb the steps […]

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They … Wait … What???

By orcaflotta It shouldn’t be necessary to comment on such reports … at all. But what is this bullshit? […]