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I Hate My Car!

By orcaflotta His Grey Eminence stranded at the gym … once more. Yes, our lovely Grey Eminence. That old wreck […]

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Oooopsie! :(

By orcaflotta Was busy cleaning up the terraforming on our Autonomous Collective’s parcel. Needed a bit of flattening and levelling […]

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By orcaflotta Y’all know and love imgur for the neat usefulness but … have you ever wondered what it’s all […]

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Autumn colours

By trapezbreen Some pretty colours I captured on my way to town today. F8 1/125 ISO400 <img src="" alt="dscf2257" srcset=" […]

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Too Cute! Or Rather Not?

By orcaflotta A hairless baby bunny might be an acquired taste … Okay, it falls squarely somewhere inbetween Aawwww and […]

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Cable Management?

By orcaflotta What cable management? This desk setup looks nice and tidy, right? Yeah, lovely Orcsi is a neat freak. […]