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Awwwww of the Day

By orcaflotta Are those yankee expats alleging German squirrels have fat asses? Fuckers. Read More Source:: ORCA       

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Is That Sammie?

By orcaflotta This xkcd cartoon in regards of a little discussion Sam and I just had . Read More Source:: […]

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7 Reasons?

By orcaflotta “Because why not?” and “It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling” seem to be his main […]

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This Summer …

By orcaflotta … looks like he really does. Read More Source:: ORCA       

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That’s Neat

By orcaflotta This easily and fast installed little program, I-Nex, gives me all the system info I’d ever need. If […]

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What the World Needed …

By orcaflotta … was finally a Linux based gaming Console. Right? Yes. Else why are people always like “I’d switch […]

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Sammie is Right!

By orcaflotta You can indeed do crazy shit with your Mac … if you really want to. Look at this […]

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And Some Assholes are Still Afraid …

By orcaflotta … of a Russian invasion, when the reality in Germany looks more like this: Aha. So I […]

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Booked My Seat

By orcaflotta December 15, 15:00 h I’m sooo gonna watch Rogue One. Like a teenie bishie … and without hubby. […]

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Newbie blog — Cecegy

By zzpearlbottom Hello….and welcome to my blog! (I guess?) The world of blogging is kind of new to me but […]

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Women in Linux

By orcaflotta Hello Internet, for some strange reason I’m kinda interested in Linux (d’oh!) and female Linux users Read More […]